I recently read the Susan Brownmiller’s memoir “In Our Time” about being in the thick of the Women’s Movement of the late 60’s and 70’s. I learned a lot about the women involved, questioned things about the movement I hadn’t questioned before, and became convinced that today’s radical feminists are the women who continue to fight for what those brave, passionate, productive women started almost 50 years ago. Our feminist pioneers had so many barriers preventing them from speaking on behalf of themselves and they did it anyway, for as long as they possibly could. I think we all need to be more like them, if not in our specific personal beliefs then at least in our collective desire to change the status of the women in the world.

The book inspired me to re-purpose this website as a resource for women looking to read more real, actual feminism and not the dude-friendly empowerment choice identity crap that somehow passes as feminism in 2015. No, this is the real stuff. This is the real feminism.

The provocative, insightful radical feminist thought happening out there right now is so disparate, and so digital. It happens on Twitter and Facebook and Tumblr and blogs.  It’s a movement with no leader and no guiding document.  It’s a movement of anonymous rants written feverishly and emotionally at computer screens late at night. It’s a movement of women who had unsettling epiphanies that what they actually believe is different than what everyone’s telling them to believe. It’s both deeply personal and a recognition of shared experience.

There is no peer pressure to embrace radical feminism. It’s quite the opposite, actually.  We all know how radical feminists are demonized and threatened. It’s a downright scary thing to realize that you kinda believe the same things.  It happens because you realize that radical feminist theory makes sense; that it explains so much about your life and the lives of all the women you know.  You finally get that so many of your struggles are struggles that only women share. You finally understand what the common denominator is and it stops you in your tracks.  You suddenly realize that whatever privileges women may have, none of us are privileged on account of being born female.

The purpose of this site is to capture the best of the radical feminist writing that is happening right now. It’s for all the women who read something that struck them in that profound, stomach-dropping kind of way and are now desperately searching for anything they can find to help them make sense of how they feel.

Please help by submitting what you would consider to be the best of current radical feminist writing here.

Note:  Many of the people writing excellent radical feminist pieces do not call themselves radical feminists for various reasons.  Please submit them anyway. I will get permission from every author to post their piece here.


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